About Phcog.Net

Founded in the year 2004, as the PHCOG.NET – a private organization dedicated to Natural Products Research leading to develop promising drugs. Our main mission is to make information on herbal drug research readily available in different formats to suit the individual needs.

Phcog.Net - A Platform for Natural Product Researchers was created to combat problems and update the latest research. It makes innovative use of the best tools for information dissemination to overcome the hurdles to Natural Product Research. Phcog.Net is a private organization dedicated to Natural Products Research in order to develop promising drugs.

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Co-brands : SCIBIOLMED.ORG (Scientific division of Phcog.Net) | EMANUSCRIPT (A Publishing unit of Phcog.Net)

Phcog.Net Journals

Published by Wolters-Kluwer Health

• Pharmacognosy Magazine
• Pharmacognosy Research
• Pharmacognosy Reviews
• Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics
• International Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation
• Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results
• Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine
• International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Physiology

Published by EManuscript
• Pharmacognosy Journal
• Pharmacognosy Communications
• Free Radicals and Antioxidants
• Journal of Young Pharmacists
• Pharmaceutical Methods
• Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy
• Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research
• International Journal of Medicine and Public Health
• Journal of Contradicting Results in Science
• Journal of Scientometric Research
• Biology, Engineering, Medicine and Science Reports (BEMS Reports)
• Oncology, Gastroenterology and Hepatology Reports (OGH Reports)
• PTB Reports (Pharmacology, Toxicology and Biomedical Reports)

Journal Office

C/o Phcog.Net
#17, II Floor, Buddha Vihar Road
Cox Town, 560005, Bangalore, INDIA

Ph: +91-80-65650760

E: journals@phcog.net

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About SciBiolMed.Org

ScibiolMed.Org (www.scibiolmed.org) - A scientific division of Phcog.Net dedicated to Research in the field of Science, Biology and Medicine. Its main mission is to enable those who seek the relevant research information on Science, Biology and Medicine and make them available in different formats to suit their individual needs. A long term objective is to provide high quality, accurate and required information to enhance research and innovative concepts in scholarly publishing.

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About EManuscript

EManuscript Services (A Publishing division of Phcog.Net) assists offline journals transforming them into world class online journals. We are committed to meeting the needs of the academic and professional communities at the same time working to define and meet the information needs of journal publishing industry.

We specialize in providing services to the journal publishing industry and understand the importance of  short turnaround times and quality electronic delivery requirements (SGML / XML, Web PDF) to your business. EMS is a full-service publishing vendor specializing in a range of services including software development, data conversion, XML solutions, copy editing, typesetting, proofreading, graphic production and complex e-deliverables. It currently publishes more than 20 journals for different organizations and societies.

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